Judith performingJudith started her professional life as a musician in 1996 as a singer/songwriter, playing in small venues, mostly around London. Her first performance of original songs was at Bunjies Folk Club and she developed from there to perform at a wide variety of venues such as the Mean Fiddler, The Borderline and the Rock Garden.

From her beginnings as a guitar-focused composer, with the odd piece for piano thrown in, she began creating harmony songs for groups to sing around the time she started leading singing workshops, both within and outside the Jewish community.


Judith collected twenty of her Jewish Harmony songs into a book which was published in May 2014 and she published twenty-two mixed songs in a second book in January 2019.

To order books, or for sheet music of individual songs priced at £3.50 per copy plus licences at £15, £25 or £35, depending on intended use – contact Judith. Songbooks and individual songs can also be found at the excellent Jewish music website

Judith performs Gesher

One of Judith’s best known and loved pieces, winner of a place at the Shalshelet Festival of new Jewish liturgical music in December 2010, sung here with Cantors Shayna Postman and Ayelet Piatigorsky.