IMG_0803-smallHope and healing through song

An emphasis on joy, companionship, connection and inspiration runs throughout Judith’s work. Whether performing or teaching, composing or leading music in services, she always brings her own deep experience of the power and potential in singing and her passion to share these with others.

Her conviction that no-one should be denied these gifts means that her groups are open, welcoming and accepting. They focus on the simple enjoyment of learning songs and co-creating sounds, being together, celebrating and supporting, creating community.

Special announcements:

A beautiful article about Companion Voices by Susan Reuben was published in 2017 in the Jewish Chronicle.

Wonderful film director Lucy Kaye has made a powerful and moving film of the Singing for the Mind group Judith leads. That film – called Memory Songs, winner of a Pears Short Film Fund Award – was premiered at JW3 on Sunday 13th November 2016. It has been shown and received awards at a number of festivals. Lucy also very generously also made a promotional film, to give more information about the group and what we do.

If you’re looking for lovely new songs to learn or teach, have a look at this – a collection of songs taught over the last few years at Unicorn Voice Camp…

To Sing or Not to Sing: Judith Silver at TEDxRussellSquare

Professional Organisations

Judith is a member of the Natural Voice Practitioners’ Network, a professional body that brings together singing leaders who share an ethos of inclusivity and belief in the right of everyone to enjoy and share the joy of singing.

She is also a member of the Musicians’ Union and Performing Rights Society