Companion Voices

Judith’s interest in and love of getting people singing has grown organically in many unexpected directions. She has a deep awareness of the power of singing to heal and bring solace to people of all kinds, in all moments of life; but even more so when we are ill or challenged in some way.


Companion Voices are singers who can be called to the bedside of people who are dying, to share our voices and loving presence. Judith founded the first of these groups in Brighton, February 2014. Inspired by the Threshold Choirs in the States and having had the vision and intention to start such a project in the UK for over a decade, she had long been waiting for the time to feel right.

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Judith was interviewed in August 2015 by Gil Karpas from JMI about the project.

And there’s an interview here with JEU magazine from March 2017

If you’d like to:

  • call on us to sing at a bedside
  • join the singers for the monthly sessions where we learn and prepare together
  • explore setting up a new group in your local area

please contact Judith on


More information is available on the dedicated Companion Voices website